Do Stuffed Animals Sell at Garage Sales?

If you’re like me, your home is quickly gathering more and more stuffed animals. Our child is slowly accumulating an army of little tiny stuffed plush toys, and it’s time for de-cluttering. After talking with her, she’s ready to part with some of them so other kids can play with them. You could always donate them and teach your child about giving back.

Another option is to teach your child about business by helping them to sell their stuffed animals at a garage sale. However, the first question that pops up is: Do stuffed animals sell at garage sales?

Yes, typically stuffed animals do sell at garage sales.

Some factors can impact how well stuffed animals will sell at a garage sale:

do stuffed animals sell at garage sales

Tips for selling stuffed animals at a garage sale/yard sale

  1. We like to group similar stuffed animals together: Instead of pricing each stuffed animal individually, consider grouping similar ones together in lots. For example, you could have a basket of small stuffed animals priced at $1 each or a bag of larger stuffed animals priced at $5 each.
  2. You should consider the condition of the stuffed animals: If the stuffed animals are in excellent condition, with no stains or tears, they may be worth more than those that are well-loved and show signs of wear and tear.
  3. Try researching the value of rare or collectible stuffed animals: If you have any stuffed animals that are rare, vintage, or collectible, it’s worth doing some research online to see how much they are currently selling for.
  4. Be willing to negotiate: Remember that the goal of a garage sale is to get rid of items, so be open to garage sale negotiation if a potential buyer thinks your prices are too high.

Stuffed animal garage sale pricing tips

Generally we think the average small to medium sized stuffed animal should sell for:

$0.25 – $1.00/each

If the stuffed animal is bigger, feel free to go up to a few bucks or more. Garage sale pricing is usually less than you think, but it comes down to whether you are trying to get rid of things or make as much money as possible.

How to check the value of your stuffed animal

Typically, stuffed animals are cheap and common and should be priced under a dollar. However, there are exceptions. In fact, there are YouTubers out there who make a lot of money by going to garage sales and buying cheap stuffed animals or plush toys and sell them online for a massive profit.

Below are our tips for discovering the value of your stuffed animals (if any):

  1. Check online marketplaces: Check any tag or identification to help you begin your online search. Look for similar stuffed animals on websites such as eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. This will give you an idea of what others are selling the item for, and what price it might fetch.
  2. Consult with appraisers: Obviously this won’t apply to many people, but if you think you may have gold on your hands, it could be worth speaking to an expert. There are professional appraisers who specialize in valuing toys and collectibles, including stuffed animals. You can find an appraiser online or in a local antique store or auction house.
  3. Research collectors’ forums/communities: If the stuffed animal is rare or collectible, there may be online forums or groups dedicated to collectors of that particular type of toy. These groups can be a valuable resource for finding out more about the value of your stuffed animal.

Can you make money selling stuffed animals?

Yes! You can make money by selling your stuffed animals/plush toys at a garage sale. If you know that you have a rare or valuable stuffed animal, then you should probably sell it online so that more people can see. The small amount of foot traffic you’d get at a physical yard sale probably won’t bring you the type of person who will pay a premium for your stuffed plush animal.

Rare stuffed animals or plush toys should be sold online in places like eBay, where collectors are constantly shopping. They might even get into a bidding war over your items which could drive the price up higher than you’d expect.

If you are simply selling cheap stuffed animals around the house, garage sales might be your best bet to just get rid of them.

Overall, the key is to price your stuffed animals fairly while also being open to negotiation, so that you can make some money while also getting rid of unwanted items.

However, always know the true value of what you’re selling so you never leave money on the table. You don’t want to wind up on a YouTube video by somebody who bought your plush animals for $0.25/each and sold them for $50 on eBay. Always know the value!

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